‘Easy-Warm’ Baby Bottle Warmer


The ‘Easy-Warm’ Baby Bottle Warmer is an absolute must-have if your little one prefers drinking milk that’s ‘not too hot, not too cold’. You’ll be able to keep your baby’s milk at a constant temperature, so your little one will never have to wait for you to warm up the milk ever again.

Keeps Milk At Just The Right Temperature, All The Time!

With the thermostat, you can easily adjust the temperature of the milk to your baby’s liking. Even better, the temperature is kept constant so there’s literally no waiting time for your little one!

Brilliant Bottle Design That Separates Milk Powder & Water!

The bottle comes with a detachable section that stores your little one’s milk powder - keeping it dry and clean. Simply detach the top part, pour the formula into the bottle, and shake!

Thermal Sleeve That’s ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ For Bottles

Does your baby already have a favourite bottle? No problem! The thermal sleeve can be used together with most baby bottles in the market. Simply place your baby’s favourite bottle in the thermal sleeve, and set the temperature to your baby’s liking.

On-The-Go Portability, Whether You’re In The Car Or Plane!

The thermal sleeve comes with a USB port, making it easy to warm your baby’s milk in the car or even on the plane. Fuss-free, and super convenient for both you and baby!

The ‘Easy-Warm’ Baby Bottle Warmer keeps your baby’s milk warm anytime and anywhere - get it today!

-Texture: Glass
-Weight: 370g-520g
-Applicable Age:
(150ml 1-3 months old baby)
(240ml 3-6 months old baby)
(300ml 6 months old baby)

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