(Archive) About Us

Being a mom is not a job, not a role - it's a journey that involves a lot of emotions, but the joy of seeing your child grow will always be the greatest reminder of our decision to bring them into this beautiful world, and that it truly takes a lot of sacrifices and patience to being a mom.

Every one of us is either a mom or a child of a mother, and we want to be able to show our appreciation and love for their support through these years.

Whether it's the day we discovered that we are pregnant, to finding the gender of the child, to celebrating their first birthdays, all till they graduate and find a job, we would want to celebrate every little milestone.

That's why we have founded Just For Mama, providing a variety of products that will make the perfect pieces for almost every occasion.

We curate a range of products that to remind mothers that they are truly appreciated and loved through our products that they wear, feel and see.