About Us


Hello there, I’m Katie, and I would like to use this space to share how Just For Mama was birthed.

Back in 2018, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Elly. 

How did it feel? It was indescribable. After what seemed like an eternity, I got to hold the gift that God has blessed me with in my arms and finally be a mom. 

It was when I knew that all that wait was worth it - but if I was being real, being pregnant can be, well… a roller coaster of emotions. There will be days where you’ll find yourself crying over a picture of someone else’s baby, or excited over a bag of chips, to staying in bed all day just wanting to be by yourself. When I was pregnant, the toughest period was when I couldn’t find anyone that could relate to what I’m feeling nor get proper advice from. 

Now don’t get me wrong - I have my lovely and caring husband who was there by my side when I needed him to be that I am beyond grateful for, but if there was one thing I wished I had while I was pregnant, it would be to have a community of moms that I could talk to and have the support from. I wanted a safe space where I could share my problems or seek advice from. I wanted reassurance from other moms who have been through or are in the journey that it is normal to feel that way and that everything will be fine.

That was when I decided to take the leap of faith and started a Facebook Page called “My Pregnancy Life” which is an educational and fun page for moms. The Page pushes posts like relatable memes and fun tips to keep it lighthearted, to educational posts and infographics which aims to educate moms a little bit more about pregnancy.

Within the Page, I also created a closed group - My Pregnancy Life so there is a safe space where a community of moms can come together and share their day to day lives, to giving advices and support to other mom-to-bes out there.

Now you might be thinking, what has that got to do with this business? I’ll get to it soon!

Believe me or not, the community expanded exponentially within a short period of time and yes, I do take my mornings to read through the comments, feedback and interactions between these wonderful people. After listening to the community for months, I realised there was one problem that constantly surfaced - getting the right resources/tools to support them along the way. 

It then hit me. I have successfully created a educational space and a support group, what was missing were the tools to help these mom-to-bes or even moms who have given birth, along their journey to motherhood!

Being a problem solver myself, the entrepreneurial spirit in me grew and in that moment, I knew I had to create a platform where mom-to-bes and moms could get their essentials and other stuff that would help them along the journey.

And thus, the birth of my little business - Just For Mama.

Just For Mama consists of a wide range of products to support fellow moms in every stage of life - we have products that will support you when you are pregnant, to when you are looking for the cutest outfit for your newborn, or educational toys for your kids or even products for moms yourself!

So to you who is reading this right now, whether you are waiting for your little one to be birthed or a super mom, I want you to know that you are not along in this and that we are here for you, on your journey and equipped with the resources that you need to help you on the journey to motherhood… and I’m proud of you!


If you would like to reach out to me, feel free to head over to the contact page or you can email in to:

I would love to hear from you or how these support thus far has impacted you!

Talk soon!

Here for you,



Our Mission

Just For Mama consists of a wide range of products ranging from safety products for you when you are pregnant, to when you are looking for the cutest outfit for your newborn, or educational toys for your kids or even products for moms to use.

Our mission is to provide the necessary resources that will support fellow moms like you in every stage of the motherhood journey!