Fashionable Leather Sneakers


There’s a saying that goes it’s best to walk before you can run. Soon, those first baby steps will turn into little runs.

Hence, finding the first pair of shoes for your little one may be a challenge.

Look no further because these fashionable leather shoes are here to make your little one’s life as easy as ABC!

  • Available in black, white and gold to compliment any outfit.
  • Breathable Soles which gives your little angel an easy-walk experience
  • Comes with an anti-slip function thus making sure your little one is in good hands while taking their first toddles

These shoes are made for walking and you shouldn’t walk away from this deal! What are you waiting for? Get your little ones a pair today!


  • Upper Material:PU
  • Outsole Material:Cotton
  • Size : 11/12/13 (Fit for 0-18 months baby)