Learn To Draw Art Projector


This art projector table is the perfect way to make art fun and relaxing for your little one! Simply pop in any of the 3 disks, which can display 24 cute cartoons for your little one to draw and paint. Plus, this interactive art projector table can also play music - sure to spark your child’s imagination!

A Cute & Fun Way To Bring Out The Little Artist In Your Child

With a whopping 24 cartoons that can be projected onto the table, your little one will be spoiled for choice when it comes to painting. The 3 disks project cartoons of all your child’s favorite things: animals, vehicles and fruits!

Plays Music To Spark Your Little One’s Imagination

What better way to develop your little one’s cognitive skills and imagination, than having music while drawing? This interactive art projector table also comes with pleasant tunes to complete your child’s arts & music experience.

Easily Dismantled For An On-The-Go Drawing Board

This art projector table can be easily dismantled for storage - or to separate the drawing board from the rest of the table. Now, your little one can have a doodling good time even when outside!

Comes Complete With A Drawing Book & Color Pens

Comes with a complimentary drawing book to help further simulate your little one’s imagination - and even color pens to complete the experience.

Everything your little one needs for a doodling good time is in this interactive art projector table! Purchase the  Mini Davinci Interactive Art Projector Table today!

-Material: Plastic
-Type: Painting Toy Set
-Size: 25 x 21 x 35cm
-Weight: 620g