Porta-Baby Diaper Changing Pad


On The Go Baby’s Waterproof Diaper Changing Pad

This cleverly-disguised diaper changing pad looks just like a fashionable clutch! Changing a baby's diapers outdoors will never be a tug-of-war ever again.

The clutch unfolds into a full diaper changing station, complete with a barrier so baby’s little hands are kept away during diaper changes.

It’s also waterproof and fully-padded, keeping your baby clean and comfy!

Ultimate Convenience, Even When Changing Baby’s Diapers On The Go

This diaper changing pad can be folded into an ultra-compact clutch, making it easy to pack or carry as is. It unfolds into a comfy diaper changing pad, so you can change your baby’s diapers on the go - whether it’s in the car, stroller or even in the park!

Creates A Barrier To Occupy Baby’s Curious Hands, For Effortless Diaper Changes

Parents, we all know how our babies tend to fidget and reach for things during diaper changes. This clutch forms a barrier which you can attach toys to, so your baby is entertained for an effortless diaper change.

No More Changing Diapers On Icky, Unsanitary Surfaces

With this diaper changing pad, you won’t have to worry about your baby’s delicate skin coming in contact with unsanitary outdoor surfaces.

Waterproof For An Easy Clean

Make diaper changes a hygienic affair - simply wipe down the changing pad when you’re done and you’re good to go! It’s also waterproof, so water and other liquids don’t get trapped.

Gentle, Soft-On-Skin Padding So Baby Is Comfortable

Changing a baby’s diapers on a hard surface is never a good idea. This diaper changing pad is fully-padded, keeping your baby happy and comfortable.

Parents, changing your baby’s diapers outdoors will never be a struggle ever again - purchase the Portable Diaper Changing Clutch now!

-Material: Oxford Cloth  + Waterproof fabric
-Size: 70 x 50cm (as the picture show)
-Folding size: 38 * 17 cm
-Weight: 148g-370g

Package Content:
1 x Diaper Pad