‘Big-Hug-Bernie’ The Huggable Elephant


This jumbo-sized elephant plushie is perfect for children that love big hugs! It’s so perfectly soft and snuggly, your little one will never want to let it go. It’s also the perfect size to use as a sleeping pillow or a cuddly bolster!

Jumbo-Sized For Jumbo Hugs

Babies love things that make them feel safe and snuggly, and this jumbo-sized plushie will do just that. This adorable elephant will definitely be your little one’s favorite hugging plushie.

Even More Comfy Than A Baby’s Pillow

Does your little one have trouble sleeping? ‘Big-Hug-Bernie’ The Huggable Elephant is so soft and comfy, it even makes a great sleeping pillow!

Perfect For The Most Adorable Photos With Baby

This adorable jumbo-sized plushie makes a super cute prop for your baby’s photos - and will look great in any nursery room!

Your little one is sure to fall in love with ‘Big-Hug-Bernie’ The Huggable Elephant - purchase it today!

-Material: PP cotton
-Weight:  300g-840g
-Height: 40cm, 60cm
-Package Size: 200 x 200 x 100 mm
Package Content:
1 x Plush Elephant Doll