Sunny The Sprinkler


Sunny The Sprinkler Sunflower Bath Toy

Make bath time a fun experience for your little one! Sunny The Sprinkler showers your little one with an endless spray of water with a simple push of a button. This unique toy draws water from the sink or tub and sprays it back out so you can celebrate bath time with your little one, without worrying about wasting any water!

Sunny The Sprinkler Transforms Bath Time Into Endless Fun

Share moments of fun and laughter with your little one, as Sunny The Sprinkler provides endless entertainment during bath time. This encourages play and exploration, resulting in a happy baby!

Fun, Adorable - And Meaningful For Your Little One Too!

Sunny The Sprinkler is also a wonderful way to help your little one learn about cause-and-effect. Watch as your child gets fascinated every time the button is pushed, and a stream of water comes out of the toy.

A Great Way To Stimulate Your Little One’s Sensory Skills

Develop your little one’s sensory skills of sight and touch each time Sunny The Sprinkler sprinkles your little one with a gentle stream of water.

Perfectly Safe And Waterproof

This bath toy doesn’t require batteries to operate, making it a safe form of entertainment for your little one. It also comes with strong suction to stick onto the wall, preventing it from falling off.

Get Sunny The Sprinkler today, so you can transform bath time for your little one into a fun and meaningful experience!

-Material: Plastic
-Size: 41.2cm *20* 13.3CM
-Weight: 380g